the best cut for curly hair

The biggest thing when it comes to getting a good cut for curly hair is to go to someone who understands your hair. Curly hair has lots of personality. There is everything from fine hair with loose curls, think Victoria’s Secret Angels at the beach, to tight curls on course hair, like Gloria Estefan, and everything in between.

The basics for a good cut boil down to understanding how much the hair will shrink and to cut accordingly.

Unfortunately, many innocent victims have been scalped because this fundamental but extremely important fact not taken into consideration. Have you ever cried because it was 6 inches too short?!  I have! The other important factor is layering.  This can be tricky because curly hair, will naturally be bigger at the bottom (like a triangle).

For this reason, curly hair, needs to be layered.  However, done incorrectly, could potentially your head into a  Christmas tree!  To avoid this disaster, I gently cut, working in increments , like sculpting, and constantly review to evaluate how each cut sits on the last one.

After your cut- you’re ready to style. Keep in mind, at this stage, it’s all about keeping frizz out and moisture levels up. There are great products that enhance your hairstyle. My favorites from Aveda are Be Curly Style Prep and Be Curly Curl Enhancer. Both of these products will tame the frizzy, add some shine and softness and hold to your tresses.

One last tip from a curly- hair professional (who also has a head of ginger ringlets herself)–before you go to the salon for a cut, decide on how you’ll wear it the majority of time.  Choose if you’ll embrace the curls, and wear it au natural, or will you use straightening wand each morning. It’s impossible for a cut to look great
both ways, so by committing first, you’ll achieve a cut that you’ll love.

~Kristie Michaels @ Salon U