which aveda products do the professionals recommend

Leza Duncan transitioned into a new craft when she moved back home from Hawaii where she was a professional photographer.  Her exposure to photo shoots, interest in transformation through hair and makeup, in addition to believing in the Aveda  philosophy motivated her to experience a new direction.  She joined Salon U, when it first opened, and in this journey has trained under Aveda make-up and hair artists and gained her cosmetology license.

After years of working the Aveda’s products, she is convinced that there are no products better for the health of your skin and hair, and has compiled this list of her favorites: The Aveda skin care line offers regimes for all skin types, from sensitive to mature. Every product is made from all organic ingredients without the use of petrochemicals.

• Outer Peace has proven to amazingly improve acne both in young adults and adults. The Outer Peace pads are extremely popular because of ease of use. This product is proven to unclog pores, exfoliate and help prevent new breakouts.

• For blemished skin use Cooling Masque. This mask is friendly to all skin types. It promises to reduce visible redness while cooling and calming the skin.

• The Botanical Kinetics group of skin care is fantastic for a simple regime for oily to dry skin . The starter set includes cleanser, a toner, a lotion and a skin firming agent. The Botanical Kinetics toner aid the skin to accept moisture while firming mature skin.  The Botanical Kinetics exfoliant is applied with a cotton ball to remove spent cells and dry skin from fine lines, which results in a more youthful looking.

• Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Skin care increases radiance in all skin types and offers what many skin professionals belief is the most effective mask available .  Try an afternoon pamper session with the tourmaline charged exfoliating cleanser followed by the tourmaline charged radiance mask and watch your friends turn green with envy.

• Enbrightenment is all about brightening the skin by slowly and gently fading brown spots from those days at the beach.  At the salon, we love the brightening corrective serum for nightly use and guarantee to see visible results.

• Green Science is the choice if you are wanting to lift and reduce lines,  Aveda is state of the art for boosting natural collagen production.

At Salon U, we feature customized facials which are designed to cater to your skin.
And Leza will gladly consult you about your skin regime needs.