hair removal by sugaring

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal process that originates from the Mid East.  It’s 100% organic, using only sugar, citric acid from lemon juice and water.  It is as effective in hair removal as waxing, but better-better for your skin, better for the environment and more economical than waxing. The gentle process benefits the skin because the honey paste adheres to only the unwanted hair that will be pulled, instead of to the top layer of skin that can accompany wax treatment. If you have sensitive skin, it’s the perfect remedy for hair removal. Sugaring does not require heat, it’s used at room temperature (so burning never occurs), it pulls hair in the same direction as it grows (not against) so the result is a cleaner line.

In addition to creating a clean line, it is the cleanest process.  Sugaring is the most hygienic hair removal process because it doesn’t harbor bacteria.  The high sugar content inhibits bacteria growth and prevents the practice of double dipping.  Once a dollop is used, it’s thrown away and never returned to the wax container.

Sugaring is kind to your skin and kind to the environment. It does not require linen gauze or sticks, which is less waste, and if you sugar on a regular basis, it will inhibit growth.

Start sugaring legs in the winter, once summer arrives, your hairs will not grow as fast; resulting in less treatment and less time at the salon-which leaves you with more time and money for other things-like a great haircut!

If you’re interested knowing more about this organic method of hair removing, call Salon U for an appointment with Patty.

Patty  Wallace has 25 years of Styling experience.  She has recently moved to Birmingham from Missouri with her husband and 2 boys.

She is the only Certified Sugar Specialist in Birmingham, AL.